Richard Hay CSO

rick field 150Mr. Hay received his M.S. in Environmental Science (Geology) formerly at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi where he held the title of Assistant Director for the Center for Water Supply Studies. He has served as Research Associate, Adjunct Professor, Licensed Professional Geoscientist (Texas) and a Field Service Manager. He is a published scholar with recent article titles as follows: Phased Approach to Addressing a Bacteria TMDL for a South Texas Watershed and Role of Dry Weather Loading in Attaining Bacteria TMDL Goals for Oso Creek and Oso Bay Watershed. Richard is a member in the Stakeholders Advisory Forum for the Central Gulf Coast Groundwater Availability Model. He provided input into the development of a regional numerical groundwater model including mapping of important aquifers in the Texas coastal plain. He also has developed a regional ground water database for public access, containing information on location, water quality, water level, depth, and aquifer. He brings expertise from his prior work with Schlumberger for more than 14 years of experience in oil field geology in work that included well bore temperature evaluation and geoheat assessment. With Richard’s extensive background in geology, his opinions are highly sought after for the furtherance of InnerGeo's projects.