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J Paul Mueller Jr CEO

Paul was the first on board toward many great discoveries and has been a most valued partner in InnerGeo.

• Thirty-four years plus in Oil & Gas Operations, Domestic & International / Onshore & Inland Waters.
• 34 plus years of onsite drilling experience with both day rate and turnkey situations, along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, from 1,200’ to 18,000’ including vertical and horizontal HT/HP wells, with water base and oil base mud systems.  In the Mid-Continent (Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, & West Virginia) with water base, air, and foam systems, including vertical and horizontal wells.
• Drilling experience: Conventional, Vertical, Directional, Horizontal, Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), Underbalanced Drilling (UBD), Laterals / Multilaterals, Slim Hole, Air / Foam / Air-Mist Drilling operations. OBM 18+ppg, HTHP,  Wireline Logging operations, Slickline, Liners, Cementing operations.
• Completions / Workover experience: Coiled Tubing, Slick line, Re-Entry Workovers, Horizontal multi-stage frac, ball drop and plug and perforate method in the Austin Chalk, Eagle Ford and Buda formations. Acidizing, Vertical Fracing including the Frio, Vicksburg, Wilcox, Buda, Georgetown, Glenn Rose and Edwards formations. Coil and conventional Tubing Conveyed Perforating, Packers, Cementing, Gravel Packing, Well Testing / Flow Back, Fishing Techniques, Fishing Tools, Plug and Abandon (P & A).
• Completion experience also includes casing string design, designing and implementation of cement systems for successful primary cementation of the completion casing.  Preparation of the completion procedures, AFE’s and onsite implementation of those procedures including perforating, well testing, acid and multi-stage frac stimulations and flow-back. Supervision of coil tubing, snubbing, and conventional workovers in the completion/recompletion process of these wells.
• Production experience: Artificial Lift, ESP / Spiral Pumps, jet pumps, Packers. The design and installation of the production facilities and flow line, hiring of the pumper, and monitoring of the producing operations.
• International assignments: Papua New Guinea
• Domestic: Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas (North, Central, East, West and South) and West Virginia.
• IADC Well CAP, Supervisor level, Drilling, Surface Stack exp. 6/2014
 Mueller Exploration, Inc        
•  President
Operated wells drilled from 1,500’ to 14,200’ all across Texas utilizing both water & oil base mud systems
Oversees all operations of the company including originating oil and gas drilling ventures, the evaluation and purchase of producing properties and the marketing of available interests in these ventures.  Duties entail designing and implementing exploration and development programs which includes the leasing, drilling, completion, and producing operations for these properties. Consults for other independent producers in all phases of their operations.  Purchases and maintains a rental fleet of Ajax natural gas compressors.
Completion experience includes multistage frac jobs in the pressured Wilcox, setting composite flow thru bridge plugs, and then drilling out the plugs with coil tubing.
Drilling & Completion experience in the Miocene, Frio, Vicksburg, Yegua, Cook Mountain, Wilcox, Austin Chalk, Woodbine, Eagle Ford, Buda & Edwards formations along the Gulf Coast.

 Vir-Tex Operating
•      Completion Consultant      5/13 - present
Supervised the multistage horizontal completion of Austin Chalk, Eagle Ford & Buda wells including the toe prep, frac supervision, drill out and the start of the flow backs.
 Cypress E & P              11/10-8/12
•    Drilling Consultant      
Supervised the drilling of numerous Wilcox wells in Colorado and Bee Counties and the drilling of a ChalkaFord horizontal well to 12,200’ TVD and 17,700’ TMD in Fayette County underbalanced with oil base mud. 
 Orion Drilling         5/08-9/10
•  Drilling Consultant
Supervised the drilling of turnkey wells along the Texas Gulf Coast in Wharton, Jackson, Colorado, Ft. Bend, Lavaca, Live Oak, Hidalgo, & Starr Counties
HT/HP wells depths from 7800’ to 18,000’ utilizing water and oil base mud systems to 18# targeting the Yegua, Cook Mountain, Queen City, & Wilcox formations
Utilized Schlumberger’s Power Drive directional system
Drilled numerous wells with a reaming while drilling utilizing a 6 ½ “ bit and a 9 7/8” hole opener 30’ above the pilot bit
Drilled letting the hole conditions dictate the mud weight with the 80% of the wells being drilled on or under the curve

 LMP Petroleum        8-9/09
•  Drilling Consultant
Onsite supervision of the drilling of a three legged underbalanced horizontal Austin Chalk well in Zavala County utilizing a rotating head with a skimmer and flare system
 Southern Resource Company      1995-present
•  Drilling and Completion Consultant
Prepare drilling and completion AFE’s
Supervise the drilling and completion of Yegua, Cook Mountain, & Wilcox wells in Live Oak, Ft. Bend, Bee, & Tyler Counties depths ranging from 7,500’ to 12,800’
Water base & oil base mud systems with mud weights up to 17.2#
Completions include fracing down the casing, setting packers on wire line, and then knocking out the ceramic disks after the tree is set and tested.
Supervised the design and installation of the production facilities and supervision of the daily producing operations.
 Cico Oil & Gas        7/08-present
•  Onsite Drilling & Completion Consultant
Supervised the drilling, logging and completion and/or plugging operations for wells drilled in Ft. Bend, Henderson, Live Oak, Newton, Wharton and Starr Counties.
Targeting pressured Yegua/Cook Mountain, Queen City and Wilcox intervals
Supervise the daily production operations for all of Cico’s wells.
Plan and supervise the completion/recompletions of their wells.
Supervised the plugging of wells including the cutting and recovery of the production and intermediate casing  and handled the marketing of the casing
 Antares Energy         6/2005
•  Contract operator/participant/onsite drilling consultant
Drilled two wells in Beaver County targeting a dolomitic limestone formation
Took whole cores through the objective formation locating the dolomite
Drilled the second well horizontally utilizing foam to evaluate the formation

• Vice President/Exploration
Evaluated drilling prospects; prepared producing property evaluations; negotiated for the purchase and sale of properties; assisted in the placement of working interest in drilling and production purchase ventures along the Texas Gulf Coast.
Drilled and completed wells for Mueller Exploration along the Gulf Coast in depths to 12,500’
• Vice President
Responsibilities included directing field personnel; coordinating the repair and maintenance of equipment; oil and gas well drilling programs design; well completion; and preparing cost estimates, along with the supervision of drilling, completion and stimulation operations. Prepared property evaluations and negotiated for the purchase and sale of properties.
Onsite drilling (conventional & directional wells) supervision for Samedan in Lavaca, Jim Wells, Starr, & Jefferson Counties with wells to 12,800’ in both water and oil base (barite and hematite weighted) mud systems targeting pressured Yegua, Vicksburg, & Wilcox formations
Drilled, completed, and contract operated Frio, Vicksburg, & Wilcox wells for Harwood Exploration in Lavaca, Goliad, Starr, & Bee Counties in depths to 9,000’
Completions included gelled oil, water, and N2 foam fracs as well as Methanol/nitrogen/ surfactant treatments, and acid stimulations
• Operations Supervisor
Supervised drilling, completion, workover and stimulation projects; supervised production facilities and construction; prepared Authorizations for Expenditure and well prognosis; and, supervised production operations.
Mueller Engineering operated over 100 wells and 80% of my time was spent in the field directly supervising the drilling, completion, workover, recompletion of these wells at depths to 12,000’ from Eagle Pass to Beaumont and all counties coastward of that arc.
• Roughneck
• Lease Crew Foreman
• Snubbing Unit Roughneck
• B.S., Business Administration, University of Mississippi, 1982
• Society of Petroleum Engineers; American Association of Petroleum Geologists; Corpus Christi Geological Society; Corpus Christi Geophysical Society
• IADC Well CAP, Supervisor level, Drilling, Surface Stack exp. 6/2014
• "Basic Petroleum Geology"
• "Basic Technology for Engineering"
• "Workover Well Control"
• "Reservoir Engineering"
• "Well Completion and Plugging"
• "Applied Drilling Concepts"