Using Creations Energy

About InnerGeo

InnerGeo started with a singular purpose that was to develop a new Geothermal well design that has sense been Patented that will capture the earth's energy and convert it to electricity. As a secondary process designed to improve the surface equipment provide us with a by product of fresh water.  This system can desalinate brackish or sea water to produce a distilled water making use of the waste heat of the Geothermal process. The patented Geothermal well is designed to provide sustainable and base load power and will compete directly with coal and natural gas in terms of cost per kilowatt hour and will be less costly than wind turbines. The new processes creatively incorporate existing technologies, removing the requirement for inventing new equipment and a new process. The key feature introduced by InnerGeo is the addition of components that when compared with existing technologies significantly increases the heat yield at the surface.