Using Creations Energy


Well BoreInnerGeo LLC is and will be a holding company for the intellectual property of ideas and innovative technologies developed by Ronald Loveday and J Paul Mueller Jr. These technologies include a new US and internationally patented geothermal well design that will allow electricity to be produced worldwide from the natural heat energy of the earth. This electricity is cost competitive with both natural gas and coal on a per mega-watt cost of construction as well as per kilo-watt cost of production.


Also innovative technologies that recovers lost revenue/oil from the waste water20160316 193334 stream from both fraced wells and producing oil and gas wells. The water now being oil free, can be processed further, with up to 70% of the water volume being converted into fresh, chemically potable water. InnerGeo LLC has patents in various stages of protection from granted to provisional with many more ready to begin the patent process. Each one of these innovations have been proclaimed by academia and professionals in the field as game changing technologies. Business Opportunity InnerGeo LLC is on the cusp of the commercialization and operation of two subsidiaries based on wholly owned Intellectual property.


InnerGeo has at this time begun negotiations with multi-billion dollar organizations for licensing and international rights of use for the first two projects mentioned above. 


The Plan


InnerGeo LLC has established the first two of many subsidiaries InnerGeo Power LLC and WaterReco LLC. These subsidiaries are formed for the purpose of 


commercializing each of the technologies in partnership with groups or entities in the respective industry. InnerGeo remains the owner and 

licensor of the technology the subsidiary owns exclusive license to the technology. This allows a partition of legal protection between the technologies. By way of example, if there was a catastrophic failure in one of the technologies only the subsidiary is effected the other technologies and the parent company are not legally linked.

Each Technology will be developed on its own merits and with consideration of maximizing the return to the company. InnerGeo Power LLC’s business plan is to receive an annual license fee and perpetual royalties or profit sharing.